Eurotrippin With Cannabis


Who doesn’t love a Euro trip?! As I prepare for my next European endeavor I wanted to touch on the cannabis frontier that is faced in Europe, what to expect, where to be careful and what the rules are.  A lot of people ask me about traveling with cannabis, etc. So I wanted to share what European countries specifically allow and what you can get away with. The following is simply restating parts of the laws and regulations. I do not advise going against or breaking any laws especially in foreign countries with the risk of being suspended or banned from that country. Consume at your own risk.

It seems like Germany is gearing up to be the central cannabis hub of it all.

In comparison to the United States Europe has a relatively smaller landmass and it would be my guess that all of the EU could accept cannabis at least medically before the entire US does. Federal legalization in the US I believe is on the horizon (our theory is Trump’s 2020 campaign will include federal legalization as a platform he will try to ride upon, hello Jeff Sessions resignation?!). But Europe could be the next Canada. Only time will tell.

A Few Cannabis Countries: The cannabis-damning, cannabis-friendly, cannabis-overlooking and cannabis-indifferent.



The outdoor grow cannabis capital of Europe! Cannabis consumption is ILLEGAL here, but cannabis is widely cultivated throughout the country. It would seem if you smoked cannabis in Albania it would be easily ignored as it is bringing much abundance to this poor nation, but the illegal cannabis market in Europe is the majority of where the Albanian cannabis goes towards. 


The majority of my upcoming trip will take place throughout Austria on a River cruise along the Danube river. Austria legalized cannabis for scientific and medical use, but recreational use is illegal. Possession of small amounts is decriminalized, but I wouldn’t recommend smoking flower openly around here. 


Cannabis is decriminalized, but not legal. If you must smoke while you’re there you should be 18+ and have no more than 3 grams on you at a time (less than 1/8th). 


Italy’s mostly forgotten sister country across the sea. Croatia has decriminalized personal use of cannabis. I would stick to less than 3 grams at a time over here to play it safe. 


Still technically illegal in Denmark, 5 major political parties there are in support of decriminalizing the sale of cannabis. Copenhagen’s alternative inner town of Christiania has an abundance of cannabis sales. You can definitely buy and consume cannabis there, but don’t get caught with cannabis outside of that magical realm.


Currently only very limited medically legal. Recreational use and possession is illegal. They are gearing up to allow their medical system to take care of cannabis distributing through pharmacies and the national healthcare program will pay for it through insurance. Germany tends to be a trendsetter in Europe and we are looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out. As far as consuming I would use major caution until recreational passes.


The Final stop on our upcoming river cruise. Hungary is similar to the US circa 1990s where there is no distinction between the legal consequences of possessing cannabis or heroin. You won’t get in trouble if you have 1-8% THC per unit mass. SO 1-8% THC is what’s allowed and the average US cannabis bud contains 17-29% THC NOT TO MENTION cannabis concentrates coming in at 70-99% THC “possession of larger amounts can lead to 5-10 year prison sentence” Nope. Not going to fuck with cannabis consumption over here. 


Everyone’s beloved Italy has a yes, but no, but yes kind of approach to cannabis. Here’s the deal. Getting caught smoking it can lead to fines and temporary suspension of your passport unless you are an Italian citizen with a medical prescription to cannabis, but you can buy cannabis flowers in specialty shops. They sell “cannabis light” AKA hemp flowers (hemp being defined as containing less than 1% of the psychoactive THC). SOOO you go to a shop and buy cannabis light, but as the jars will strictly note, these flowers are for novelty ONLY and not for human consumption. haha. Definitely need to check out this phenomenon when I make it to Rome at the tail end of our trip. Will bring back a full report! 


Eastern Europe? what have you? but if you make it over to this beautiful land locked country they have medically legal cannabis. They want to become a leading cultivator and grow cannabis in their rolling countryside to help revive the economy of this country. As they expand cannabis cultivation they currently obtain medical cannabis of higher quality and better price from neighboring Albania. 


In this small, secretive country cannabis is partially decriminalized, and medical cannabis is now legal. Grow facilities for Maltese cannabis patients are being established. 

The Netherlands 

I mean people talk about Denver as the Cannabis frontier, but the Netherlands is OG! It’s been legal to smoke in their coffee shops for decades now. You can walk into a coffee-hash shop to buy, smoke and enjoy a toke plus a coffee or hot chocolate inside or outside any time of the year. The Netherlands are trying to pass a bill to partially legalize cannabis cultivation which could take the entire country to full legalization, but for now if you’re there, respect their culture and stick to the coffee shops.  



All drugs were decriminalized in Portugal in 2001 meaning when you get caught with drugs there you simply get a fine or possibly a “substance abuse treatment”. You can have up to 25 grams of cannabis on you at any time, more than enough for personal consumption I would think. 


ESPAÑA is known for their cannabis culture and cannabis clubs. There are hundreds of smoking clubs in Spain and specifically cannabis is fully legalized in Catalonia. Spain is chill with smoking anywhere at any time without legal repercussions so feel free to light up pretty much any time over there. 


The Swiss are ahead of the curve with the HEMP plant. They sell many CBD products and it is legal to grow up to 4 hemp plants here, amazing considering no where in the US allows HEMP growth without some kind of license. AS for the wacky tabbaccy it’s decriminalized and possession of small amounts is ok. The Swiss are trying to get on Spain’s level and open some cannabis clubs, but they are TBD. 

Quick mentions: 

Sweden: illegal with very limited medical usage. 

UK-JUST legalized medically is recreational legalizatio n next? 

There are lots of cool stash bags. Never more than a few grams in your checked baggage. Edibles are a great thing to have that are definitely low-key. I personally always travel with vape pens, but getting caught with them within a country can be more risky as they are high THC, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT who could know what’s in your vape pen unless they A) take a hit of it or B) it’s in the original packaging.

Again take all of this with a grain of salt. This is a rough outline of the rules and regs of a few European countries. Traveling with cannabis can be very risky when crossing global lines. Unless you are going to a country like the Netherlands where you can buy trusted cannabis products buying them somewhere illegally can also put you in danger. Put your safety and ability to travel back to the US and returning to these countries first. 



Please comment of email us if you have any specific questions. 

Disclaimer: All blog content is opinion and not advice. Consume cannabis at your own risk. Only 21+ or 18+ or those with a medical prescription should consume cannabis legally. Though we may not agree with the laws placed against Cannabis throughout this country and others, we are in no way advocating or suggesting that you break the laws within your own state. If you disagree with said laws we highly urge you to fight against the laws restricting cannabis within your state. That being said, all recipes on this site are intended for use only by those who live in states or countries where the medical and/or recreational use of marijuana is legal. In addition, these recipes are intended for use only who are of 21 years of age and of sound mind. Remember to never operate heavy machinery or drive a car under the influence of cannabis.