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DIY Cucumber Rose Eye Masks

There are so many reasons why I love these Cucumber Rose Eye Masks but the number one reason is that I know exactly what is in them! Have you ever looked at what is in your masks before? Don't bother because you won't even be able to read it = chemicals! Something that is nourishing for your skin should not be filled with chemicals. 

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Bye Bye Boys!! I'm Going to Love On Myself....

I mean I’m going to take a minute and call myself out here. My dating life has been some what comical and almost unreal in the most entertaining of ways. I legit am considering ghost writing a book on my experiences. That isn’t even the call out on myself the real call out is that I am a serial dater.

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Denver, Colorado

Growing up I always knew I would end up in California at some point. It was just destined to happen and I loved every second of it. But never did I think I would be living in Denver, Colorado AND absolutely loving it! I literally had never been to the city of Denver before I was about to move there. I had been fortunate enough to visit the rocky mountains for a memorable snowboarding trip with my family for my sweet 16, but that was my only experience in the high altitude. 

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