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DIY Crystal Stash Bottles..... the perfect little gift for yourself and your friends.

I few months ago I received a Kris Nations necklace in my Summer FabFitFun box. Not only was the necklace cute as hell -you should absolutely check out her stuff-, but it also came packaged in a sweet little glass vial. I am a sucker for good packaging.

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Healing Vegan Broth

The holidays are upon us the weather is getting colder and all of this can leave us feeling drained and more susceptible to catching a virus. The healing, buzzy bone broth is readily available at local grocery stores to remedy that and even on tap at different market places. I have been jealous of the locals sipping on their bone broths while shopping for local goods so I decided to create a vegan broth that is packed with even more nutrients and benefits than any old bone broth can offer. 

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Cannabliss Lavender Black Tea Latte

I’m lucky my job requires me to be in a creative zone on a regular basis. The thing is sometimes it is just really nice to create something just for the sole purpose of letting your creativity flow. Fuck the outcome! Creating something with out any expectation of how it may or may not turn out is completely and utterly freeing. One of my favorite Sunday rituals is taking a few hours to hide away in my office/studio to allow absolute creative. 

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