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Keeping your Beauty Routine aligned with your Health

Growing up I didn't have any older sisters, but had a few girls in my life like Gigi who I looked up to, but didn't get to stalk them on a daily basis like you would with a sister so i was pretty much on my own with discovering beauty and skincare products. 

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Indoor House Plant Vibes

One of the first things I do when I move into a space is add some elements from nature. (Whether or not I keep those elements alive is another story) My mother, my inspiration for all things whimsical, fills our home with an abundance of plants and trees effortlessly bringing the outdoors in.

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5 Bed Time Habits for a Better Night Sleep

I am a night owl. I am also a morning person. My ideal time of rest (1pm –9pm) is not compatible with the real world. Just as it approaches the time of day to start to unwind I’m usually receiving a second wind or serge of creative inspiration, which does not exactly make we want to crawl under the covers. It is precisely this character trait that often inhibits my ability to get the proper 8 hours of beauty sleep required to keep the body and mind healthy and rejuvenated.  It is this same tendency that makes establishing a nighttime ritual essential in aiding me to achieve the proper amount of rest.

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