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Stock Tank Pool

AKA hillbilly hot tub. Yes I went for it. I was sitting in my backyard, sweating in the sweltering Denver DRY summer heat taking a little scroll through instagram and a sponsored post for the Hey Wanderer blog popped up on my feed. They had a video "how to" of setting up a stock tank pool. What was this and why had I not heard of it?

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Glamping in Colorado

Get ready to wanderlust to Wolcott, CO. Nature is magnificent, I would love to go camping in the mountains, but sometimes you need to ease yourself into the full on wilderness (if you're anything like me) and Glamping is a great way to do that! (Especially if you decide to travel last minute and don't have all your camping supplies ready) 

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How To Explore The Seventh Wonder Of The World In A Day

The Ankgor temples are a must see. If you are planning to be traveling around Southeast Asia scheduling a stop in Siem Reap Cambodia is a must. Not only is the country and it’s people beautiful, but is also home to one of the most breath takingly beautiful historical sites in the world. Most widely recognized known as being the set of Tomb Raider, staring Angelina Jolie, Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.

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