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Know Your Terps: Beta-Caryophyllene

Welcome to our Terpene Spotlight, each month we want to cover a different terpene found in the cannabis plant and talk about the amazing characteristics and benefits.

Which better terpene to start with than one of the most unique and interesting: Beta-Caryophellene!

Beta-Caryophellene is an anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene. A compound commonly found in rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, hops, black pepper and cannabis sativa.

This terpene has a unique chemical structure making it a rare occurrence in nature. It’s a bicyclic sesquiterpene, meaning that it has 2 adjoining rings in it’s structure and consists of 3 isoprene units with the general formula of C15H24…. OK so you’re thinking what does this have to do with me?

Let’s break it down.

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