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Anna's Morning Routine

A solid AM routine can really set the tone for your day and set you up for success. We have been dialing in our mornings to maximize time and promote health. Here’s exactly how it goes down for each of us every day and WHY you should pick up some of these hacks for your AM. 

Reality is I may click snooze a few times before getting up (“bad” habit) working on it, but in all honestly not always as bright eyed and busy-tailed jumping out of bed in the AM. 

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Fruity Pebble Superfood Popsicles...With A Twist!

It’s August and it’s HOT and HUMID. I’ve been on a popsicle kick since rediscovering my zoku popsicle maker and these fun push-pop-esque popsicle molds from long ago. Combine that with delicious, ripe melons from the local farms and friends and I’ve been making fruity popsicles ever since. 

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Don't let Labels Define you







Sugar free

Gluten Free 

Dairy free 

etc. etc. etc. 

The list goes on and on. With the ever evolving health and wellness trends on the rise and the light being shined on the reality of our food supply an increasing number of people are turning to alternative lifestyles focused around health. 

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Questions to ask Before Eating Edibles

Sweets, chocolates, sodas, baked goods, Cannabis companies have found a way to turn your favorite snacks into an elevated experience. 

Lots of people love to try edibles when they are in a legal state, especially tourists. Edibles are discreet, fun, tasty and an easy way to consume right? WELLLLLLL 

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The Healthier Edible .........Cannabliss Apple Chips.

When you think of cannabis edibles what are the first things that come to mind?????

Chocolates, Carmels, Gummies, Lollipops, Brownies.

Do you see a theme here???? It is all junk food. Now don't get me wrong I am a fan of all of the above, but sometimes I want something healthier. 

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The Healing Power of Cannabidiol

You may have heard of this super substance buzzing around the internet and being promoted as something that is helping many people with seizures, pain management and various diseases and ailments. 

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Arnica and Cannabis Infused Whipped Shea Butter....A DIY Cannabliss Muscle Rub

Whether you're sore from tearing it up at the gym or just plain achy from the way you sit at your desk all day it important to show your muscles some love. Seriously though, most of us complain about muscle tension on the regular, but rarely do we take the time to actually do something about it. I get it you're too busy or you just flat out don’t have the money to treat yourself to monthly massages. So this post is for all of us out there, yes myself included, who need to slow our roll and take the time and show your bodies a little bit of TLC. So here it is an easy to make muscle rub to help ease inflammation and induce relaxation.

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Cannabliss Coconut Oil Butter

Eating, cooking, and cannabis are three subjects I am highly passionate about so edible experimentation was of course a part of the logical progression of my love affair with all three.  Experimentation first came in the form of my friend’s and I trying to out do each other and make the “strongest brownies” in high school. There is no big surprise that at 17 years old and without the internet resources that are available today, my friends and I had no actual clue what we were doing. I laugh/cringe at the mistakes I have come to realize we were making during the days of our first cannabis culinary adventures. I

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