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Don't let Labels Define you







Sugar free

Gluten Free 

Dairy free 

etc. etc. etc. 

The list goes on and on. With the ever evolving health and wellness trends on the rise and the light being shined on the reality of our food supply an increasing number of people are turning to alternative lifestyles focused around health. 

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Consider This Amino Acid Before Using Probiotics

Ugh I’ve done it again! Over the last two months my stomach has become increasingly hostile. It all started with severe bloating after meals, which I’m pretty sure came from gluten contamination dinning out one evening. I knew something was totally out of wack with my system, but I decided to ride it out and see how my system would recover on its own. Hmm ….well I should know better then that by now, but I’m kind of hard headed at times.

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Live Intrepid: A year in Review

A little over a year ago in the Fall of 2015 Gigi and I first had the idea to collaborate on a blog together  and last July we launched We did a lot of brainstorming to come up with the name of our brand and finally landed on Intrepid Hearts. While we have a lot of differences (mainly our height) we share a lot of similar traits, interests and sense of style (we keep buying the same items from our favorite brands with or without knowing the other purchased it as well) Where we really align is our fearlessness and adventurous spirits that keep us exploring deeper within ourselves. 

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