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The Secret Weapon for Blonde Hair that contributes to OVERALL HEALTH!

This is for all my blondes out there looking to preserve their color. I like to keep my hair maintenance/all maintenance routines to a minimum and as natural as possible. For the summer I went with even cooler tones in my already blonde hair. I always feel like after invest the time and money to get my hair highlighted/colored it always ends up turning a different shade or developing more red/brassy tones. NOT OK!

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5 Bed Time Habits for a Better Night Sleep

I am a night owl. I am also a morning person. My ideal time of rest (1pm –9pm) is not compatible with the real world. Just as it approaches the time of day to start to unwind I’m usually receiving a second wind or serge of creative inspiration, which does not exactly make we want to crawl under the covers. It is precisely this character trait that often inhibits my ability to get the proper 8 hours of beauty sleep required to keep the body and mind healthy and rejuvenated.  It is this same tendency that makes establishing a nighttime ritual essential in aiding me to achieve the proper amount of rest.

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6 Nighttime Necessities for better, more beautiful sleep

Let's talk sleep...

I strongly believe in BEAUTY SLEEP! Proper sleep is so important for so many reasons, helps with metabolism, stress and well, life. We need sleep to THRIVE. Get your 8 hours of sleep, I swear by it. I'm all about getting that AM workout in, but sometimes I have to listen to my body and get my sweat on later in the day to get some extra zzzZz in the morning. 

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