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Insane Vegan Red Velvet Cake

 Growing up my Mom always made this epic red velvet cake for my birthday and around Valentine's day, which is my brother's birthday. When I got older and wanted to recreate it I asked her the ingredients and she told me about the beets. 

What? Beets were always hiding in my birthday cake?! 

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Cannabliss Lavender Black Tea Latte

I’m lucky my job requires me to be in a creative zone on a regular basis. The thing is sometimes it is just really nice to create something just for the sole purpose of letting your creativity flow. Fuck the outcome! Creating something with out any expectation of how it may or may not turn out is completely and utterly freeing. One of my favorite Sunday rituals is taking a few hours to hide away in my office/studio to allow absolute creative. 

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JUICING: Cold Pressed vs. Centrifuge vs. Blended Juices

Juicers love that quote, but it's true and I really believe that cold pressed juice fuels the body to the point that you don't ever need medicine because of the healing benefits the juice provides. 

I am obsessed with juicing, to put it mildly. I have a long history with juice I will expand on my juicing journey another time. In a nutshell: I studied and was fascinated by nutritional science in college, grew up with my mom juicing and making healthy, homemade foods and I was part of a cold pressed juice company one of my college nutrition classmates started in southern California for 2 years.

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