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Self Care Sunday: Alpaca Slippers

One time I went to an Alpaca marketplace in Denver and it turned out they not only had alpaca wares it was a full on ALPACA CONVENTION! Ever since I have been moderately-severely OBSESSED with alpacas. LIIIKe they are the fluffiest things on the planet. They are so adorable and the best part is they are SUSTAINABLE. 

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12 Fabulous Ways to Rock a Scarf

It's winter and it's time to break out your scarves. Function over fashion in the winter months HOWEVER I recently found a way to have the best of both worlds. 

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Fast Fashion is kind of Out

When people are looking at ways to become more environmentally friendly they think of recycling their trash, biking or ride sharing more, eating less meat and animal byproducts, but they tend to forget to look at the clothing they purchase.

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