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Charcoal Beauty Diaries Part 1: A DIY Natural Alternative To The Peel Away Charcoal Mask.

Charcoal has been having a moment! Over the last year I have seen countless charcoal beauty and wellness products advertised across all forms of social media. I’m seeing it in detox drinks (have you heard of the Dirty Lemon Cleanse), countless beauty products ( teeth whiteners, masks, soap, the list goes on and on), and now it’s even making it’s way into every day treats (a number of trendy ice cream spots  are now serving up charcoal flavor variations). So yea charcoal is pretty much everywhere!

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DIY Cucumber Rose Eye Masks

There are so many reasons why I love these Cucumber Rose Eye Masks but the number one reason is that I know exactly what is in them! Have you ever looked at what is in your masks before? Don't bother because you won't even be able to read it = chemicals! Something that is nourishing for your skin should not be filled with chemicals. 

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Self Care Sundays: At Home Facial

I am 27 and just this year started understanding how to take care of my skin. I never really was taught how to properly take care of my skin. Kids these days are so fortunate to have the unlimited resources of the internet as a reference point when they don’t have that older sibling to ask questions to…. and not look like a scrub with blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner...while they are going to the tanning salon every day.....  

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