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Practicing Safe Sun

We love the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is REAL like REALLY REAL for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere. If you don’t know about it read my in depth article here. A recommended 20 minutes of unprotected sun is great for Vitamin D absorption, but as we get older we realize the damaging effects the sun can have on your skin specifically the YOUTHFULNESS. Insert early onset wrinkles and sun spots. No thanks.

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Move over Coconut Oil, this is the key to Glowing Skin

Beauty by Squalane and it's not going anywhere. 

We are all looking for the fountain of youth for skin care. I only recently realized that I need to take better care of my skin. Once I brought awareness to it, my skin keeps getting brighter, clearer and more glowy so I feel like I have to share one of my skincare secrets. 

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Magic Potion: Monk Oil

I found this oil at the Moon Juice shop in Venice beach and decided to give it a go. As you know I am constantly converting everyday products to more natural, organic and closer to the earth alternatives. I love organic oils that replace beauty products and these ingredients were top notch (most products contain toxic, cancer causing ingredients). This oil can be used as a perfume, under your makeup as a moisturizer, blended with your foundation, or anywhere you use oils, I just slather it on! 

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