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Anna's Morning Routine

A solid AM routine can really set the tone for your day and set you up for success. We have been dialing in our mornings to maximize time and promote health. Here’s exactly how it goes down for each of us every day and WHY you should pick up some of these hacks for your AM. 

Reality is I may click snooze a few times before getting up (“bad” habit) working on it, but in all honestly not always as bright eyed and busy-tailed jumping out of bed in the AM. 

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Self Care Sundays: Kundalini

Keeping up with a regular yoga practice, kundalini practice and meditation practice seems like a lot in this fast paced tech heavy world we live in now. But think about how many TV shows you have seen every episode of or have binge watched. During one episode of game of thrones you could have done yoga, kundalini and meditated. It's just about priorities and for a lot of people spirituality isn't at the top of the list. Which is fine, YOU DO YOU, but just imagine a world where people did slow down and take time to look inward. It makes reflecting your love for yourself onto others a lot easier. 

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Anna's Yoga Challenge Recap

After reading Gigi's Art of Attention yoga Challenge blog post I was immediately inspired and motivated to connect back to my yoga routine as well. We both are certified yoga instructors and have been completely immersed in yoga at some points in our lives day dreaming of a place where we could do yoga, share yoga and live yoga every day.

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