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Streaming Workout Review Part 1: My Month with LEKFit

Hard to believe that a month has already flown by since I first began my quest to try out and review 4 different streaming workouts. That is right, a month just like that!!!!!!! With all of the snow/ bitter cold weather we’ve had over the last month, the whole not having to leave my house to get my sweat on sure did came in handy. Convenience aside, the real question is.....

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The Hunt For The Best Streaming Workouts

I know it seems crazy to be thinking of summer and even mentioning bikini season in February, but now is the time to start focusing on your fitness goals for that summer body. The end of February/ early March has always been the time that I kick my ass into gear to get ready for summer. I know it seems early, but waiting last minuet and trying to shed 10 pounds or get washboard abs in a month ain’t going to happen.

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