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Self Care Sunday: Oil Infusions

I was listening to the Skinny Confidential podcast this past week with guest Dr. Mona V and one of the first questions Lauren asked Mona was, “what are some of her most essential tips for Self Care?”

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A Sunday Girl Date

I am a product of an all girl, private, catholic school. I was always surrounded by girls but I never actually had like my own little girl gang until I reached my mid 20's. I have had plenty of great friends both male and female throughout the years, but I always felt a bit more like one of the guys.

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Self Care Sundays: Chakra Meditation

This week we are diving into CHAKRAS! If you aren't familiar with the chakras you can check out my little intro video below. I go over the crystals I use that are associated with each chakra (there are many crystals that can enhance the power of each chakra) I also highlight my girls at KB Pure essentials chakra sprays (they smell AMAZING and are currently on sale here!) and a couple of my favorite chakra reading materials to get you started.  

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