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The GF friendly cracker that actually helps you lose weight... Say What?!?!?!?

  I feel like over the last few months I have been hearing and reading about these miracle crackers everywhere. This is not an over exaggeration. I remember the first time I heard about them I was running in Central Park, listening to a podcast ( I’m drawing a blank here on the actual podcast I was listening to), and a trainer featured on this particular episode was swearing by this miracle snack that she recommended for anyone trying to lose weight.

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Spring Cleaning

I don’t know about you but by the end of each winter I feel like my eating habits have gone to total shit. As a general rule of thumb I try to follow the 80/20 rule with my diet. 80% of the time I eat extremely clean and the other 20% of the time I eat whatever my little heart desires. I will never claim myself to be one of the healthiest eaters out there. I wish I could but I REALLY REALLY LOVE FOOD. I love the things that aren’t necessarily that good for me like cheese and fried foods. I am a pretty small girl so people so who don’t know me mock me when I tell them I love to eat.

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