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Anna's Yoga Challenge Recap

After reading Gigi's Art of Attention yoga Challenge blog post I was immediately inspired and motivated to connect back to my yoga routine as well. We both are certified yoga instructors and have been completely immersed in yoga at some points in our lives day dreaming of a place where we could do yoga, share yoga and live yoga every day.

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Self Care Sundays: Give Yourself The Gift Of Yoga

It is easy for us to make excuses and come up with reasons why we can’t make time for ourselves. I’ve talked about how I've let life get away from me at times and as a result let my hectic schedule interfere with necessary practices of self love. I know this to be a problem that most of us struggle with due to our hectic lives and overflowing schedules. Recently, I posted about a challenge I proposed to myself as well as all of you to cultivate a more regular yoga practice.

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